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Thanks to superspeed examination, green technology acquires patent in a month 2010-03-30
To support the patent acquirement of green technologies researched & developed under the national strategy of low-carbon green growth, the Korean Intellectual Property Office (Commissioner: Jung-sik Koh) is planning to apply a superspeed examination system starting October 1.

The superspeed examination system is subjected to green technologies that minimize the discharge of pollutants, as well as those which received funding or authentication for green growth. Applicants can apply for the superspeed examination by requesting a prior arts search to an authenticated agency1), and submitting the results of the search to KIPO.

Currently, the period from application to acquire a patent is an average of 18 months for ordinary examinations, and roughly three months for preferential examinations. Using the superspeed examination system, however, the period can be slashed to less than a month, the fastest examination period in the world.
In case the registration of the patent is refused under the superspeed examination system, the applicant can use the superspeed judgment system to receive the reasons of the refusal within four months from applying for judgment.

Upon receiving patents rights for green technologies as fast as possible through the superspeed examination & judgment system, applicants can rapidly commercialize the technologies. Especially, if the applicant uses the patent prosecution highway 2) after going through the superspeed examination system, they can swiftly secure foreign patent rights as well, preoccupying the global green market, where competition is growing fiercer by the day.

Since paper applications require additional time for receipt and digitalizing, applications for superspeed examination must be made electronically. Details such as the application procedure for superspeed examination, required documents, etc are posted on the notice menu of KIPO's website. (http://www.kipo.go.kr)

※ Terms

1) Expert agencies for prior arts search
- Based on Article 58-1 of the Patent Law, KIPO selects and operates agencies that conduct prior arts search for patent applications. As of September 2009, there are three agencies conducting prior arts search; Korea Institute of Patent Information, WIPS Co Ltd and IP Solution Co Ltd.

2) Patent Prosecution Highway (PPH)
- In case a patent office judges that an application can acquire a patent, the examination result is submitted to another patent office to accelerate the examination procedure. As of September 2009, the US, Japan, and Demark are executing PPHs with Korea. The UK and Canada will execute PPHs starting in October, while Russia will start in November.

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