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A person demanding a trial must submit a written demand to the Director of the Intellectual Property Tribunal, stating:
the name and the domicile of the party and his agent, if designated (in the case of a juristic person, the name and place of business thereof and the name of its representative);
the identification of the trial case; and
the purpose of the demand and the grounds therefor.
The trial is conducted by a collegial body of three or five trial examiners and such collegial body decides by a majority vote. (Art. 146)
The Director of the Intellectual Property Tribunal designates one of the trial examiners as the presiding trial examiner, who presides in all matters relating to the trial. (Art. 145)
Oral hearing should be conducted in public, and each party is given the opportunity to present argument and evidence.
Trial proceedings are generally conducted by Documentary Examination, but the presiding trial examiner may, upon request of a party or intervener or ex officio, conduct the trial proceedings by oral hearing.
The trial decision is the final decision rendered by the collegial body of trial examiners.
A trial decision must be rendered within twenty days following the date on which notification of the closing of the trial proceedings has been sent.
The trial decision is made by the majority vote of the collegial body.
The trial decision must be in writing, signed and sealed by the trial examiners who have rendered it.
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