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The trademarks, service marks, and designs division of Y.S. Chang & Associates is an area in which we may fully utilize our experience and expertise. Our trademark department handles applications and registrations for all trademarks and designs including licensing and enforcement.

In keeping with current intellectual property issues, the trademark department also providescounseling on Internet related matters such as conflicts in domain name registration and trademark rights.

Each year, our trademark department processes nearly one thousand trademarks, design applications,and clearance searches. Moreover, the department handles approximately six hundred new trademarks, new design applications, and new clearance searches per year. To maintain our clients' valuable marks, the trademark department also manages hundreds of application renewals each year, a testament to the level of satisfaction among our clients.

Y.S. Chang & Associates has extensive experience representing our clients in trademark oppositions, trials, and appeals before the Korean Intellectual Property Office, the Patent Court, and the Supreme Court. Many of our successful representations have helped to mold current Korean trademark laws.

The trademarks, service marks, and designs department personnel include two dedicated Korean trademark and design attorneys and a U.S. attorney specializing in trademarks. Six trademark specialists, and over twenty support/research staff, including Japanese and English native speakers, complete the trademark department.

As with our patent department, the prosecution and maintenance of trademarks, service marks and designs, is computerized and is being constantly updated, allowing us to provide accurate and timely services to our clients.

The trademarks, service marks, and designs department is committed to vigilant protection and enforcement of our clients' rights by keeping our clients fully informed of all relevant issues and possible courses of action. From serving cease and desist letters to requesting preliminary injunctions and other proven enforcement techniques, we ensure that our client's rights are protected at all times.

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