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The patent and utility model department is the largest division of Y.S. Chang & Associates. The patent department handles patent and utility model prosecutions, patent trials, and technology licensing.

Our patent practice also includes counseling on patents and trade secret protection strategies, preparing and handling patent infringement litigation, and the drafting of technology-licensing agreements.

The Y.S. Chang & Associates patent department processes nearly 1,000 new patent and utility model applications each year, varying from simple mechanical devices to highly complex pharmaceutical compositions.

Many of the patent department personnel have advanced scientific or engineering degrees and extensive research and development experience in the field of chemistry, machinery, electronics, computers, biology and others. Specifically, eight patent attorneys, over twenty researchers, and an even larger support staff comprise the patent division of Y.S. Chang & Associates. All of the attorneys and many of the researchers are fluent in both Japanese and English aiding in swift and complete comprehension of our clients goals and instructions.

As all documents must be submitted to the Korean Intellectual Property Office in the Korean language,
we go to great lengths to ensure that patent specifications are translated accurately. In the interest of preventing delays and any possibility of compromising confidentiality, our professional translation staff
completes all translations in-house.

The entire prosecution and maintenance of patent and utility models is computerized, and the system is being constantly updated. The use of a computer network allows us to provide accurate and timely services to our clients at all times.

The Y.S. Chang & Associates patent and utility model department is continuously strengthening its resources by bringing in the most experienced specialists from various fields to meet the needs of our clients and to sustain our unparalleled reputation in the field of Korean patent law.

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